UNDE is a small private psychology practice, working without an agreement with health insurance companies. This means clients have to pay per consultation.
It is to the clients advantage that information about them is not automatically sent to a health insurance company, because these companies make several demands in regards to diagnosis and treatment.
The client and practitioner determine together what the treatment will exist of and what purpose treatment has; health insurance companies play no part in this.

Because UNDE has no agreement with health insurance companies, the client has to pay per consultation.
The bill will be settled immediatly after each consultation, by cash or by debit card payment.
Psychological diagnostics and treatment are exempted from VAT.

A free introductory appointment up to 30 minutes is possible.
An intake interview or diagnostic consultation takes approximately an hour (or close to). The fee is €127.
A single treatment interview takes approximately 45 minutes (or close to). The fee is € 108.
A session with EMDR takes approximately 90 minutes (or close to), the fee is €186.
A treatment interview over the phone, by appointment, has a fee of €45.
According to previously agreed fee, the possibility exists to adjust the length and location of a consultation, depending on the character of the problems.

Cancellation of an appointment less than 24 hours in advance will result in a €45 fee.

Depending on the clients health insurance, it may be possible to claim the expenses of treatment. If not claimed, tax deduction may be possible.
If the client wants to take advantage of their health insurance for treatment, it is strongly recommanded that they contact the company prior to beginning the treatment, in order to assert what requirements need to be met. This is the clients own responsibility. In general, having a reimbursement policy gives the greatest chance of a 100% reimbursement.

UNDE collaborates with 1nP since 15 September 2019.
When you register via the 1nP website, the treatment is reimbursed by the health insurer, provided that their requirements are met.
Through 1nP the treatment will then be outsourced to UNDE, the conditions of 1nP are valid.